Monday, September 21, 2009

the joy of an orange

Our little family

whew! it's been a long time...

Hello hello to everyone out there. It's been so long since I last said anything. I'm no good at this blog thing. I'd much rather actually talk to someone in person than write on this thing, but, oh well. My Aunt Debi scolded me for not keeping up to date on this thing. Well, here goes.
WE are happy...and doing very well. We really couldn't ask for anything more in our lives. .nope, nothing. . . .except. . .a bigger apartment, ok, you got me. I have come to the realization within the last month that we have outgrown our first little apartment. I think I knew it a long time ago, but we have been here since the first week of being married and have loved it so very very much. We are happy in the ward and are so grateful to live across the street from campus. We are also grateful for our callings which keep us up and hopping. We are playing with the idea that we'll move in December, but if you want my honest opinion, we'll stay, I'm sure of it. We graduate in April '10 and we've made this beautiful, little place work for a year and eight months, so what's another eight? Even if we have to stick Kaylee's crib in the shower we will make it work!! Jared is the Elder's Quorum President and I am the Relief Society President and that has been a blessing in our lives. There's not much more, besides family, that makes me happier than serving in the church, where ever and however that may be. It gets me out visiting and serving other sisters constantly. My testimony has grown tremendously of Visiting and Home teaching and the impact that we can have on each other.
Kaylee is a doll! We love her so much. I didn't know I could love being a mom this much. She was cute when she was born, cute when she was a month old, and cute when she fit in our sink (ha, no bathtub in the place...another reason it's soon time to move), but now, she is so beautiful to me. I laugh with her all the time. What a little personality this girl has. She is ALWAYS smiling. If you look at her she smiles, if you blow kisses at her she smiles, and if you hug her she smiles. She never really gets upset. Well we reached a big milestone today. She fell off the couch. I now have to watch her every move since she wiggles around and rolls over where ever I put her. It was so sad but cute when she cried for me and only wanted her mommy. Can anything be better than that?
I am taking three classes, an Ethics/philosophy class which is fantastic, a Sociology/family interactions class, and one of my final psychology classes. I don't want this time to end here at BYU-Idaho. I know that it's winding down, but everyday I've been here I have felt so grateful for this place. Being here has been like serving a mission, or more like the MTC...just crammed with spiritual and secular knowledge to be learned at every experience.
We can feel that Fall is fast approaching...good, I am ready, although Jared is not, nor ever will be. It's my favorite time of year. I think Jared wishes it was summer, summer, summer everyday. Nope, not me. I enjoy wearing sweaters and jackets, scarves, and cute socks, hearing leaves crunch under my feet, smelling pumpkin spice, and hearing the heat on in our home. It's a cozy time of year, if you ask me.
Well whoever out there reads this, I hope this finds you equally happy and doing as well as can be. Life is so wonderful. I am constantly in awe at the beauty and joy that our Heavenly Father shares with us each day!