Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yes, I'm here...but not here, in Texas!

Four months later, I know, and much has happened in that time. Let's see, Kaylee turned one on February 22nd and we had fun celebrating that. For her birthday I put a new little outfit on her and we watched "Mulan," (this is a treat since she hardly watches TV or movies), she helped me make her birthday cake, and then later we had family over and let her devour her little chunk of it. Yes, my little girl is one.

Another bit of news for you. We are expecting baby #2. What fun, what fun, at least now that the second trimester has been rolling along nicely. Four months along and I feel happy never to have thrown up during the first trimester. Sorry, but I am not a pregnant belly picture taker. I can't do it. I get so self-conscious. I took three, I think, when I was pregnant with Kaylee, and those was only at the request of sibling missionaries and family (not three pictures total but three specifically of the pregnant belly...covered, mind you). Some people say pregnant women look beautiful. I think so, until that pregnant person is me. At this point there is nothing to show yet. I'm happy to wait a long time until the pregnancy clothes have to come. But we are excited for this other little one to come along and join our family.

What else...well, Jared was finally released as Elder's quorum president around the end of March, which, I was so sad about at the time since I loved going to Ward council meetings, discussing things and working with him at church, but later was a huge blessing because a few weeks later he suddenly became so busy with work and finishing the semester that some nights he never came to bed. He would be up all night reading, studying, finishing projects etc...That last month in March was rough for us. Then I realized what perfect timing the Lord has in our lives, not only for callings and certain chapters in our lives, but also for the time when we're released and those chapters are over.

We had originally planned on graduating and leaving Rexburg in April but felt that we needed to be where we were at one more semester, putting us at leaving around August or so. I took another class for fun and Jared had two more left so that was the plan. In early March Jared flew out to San Antonio, TX for an internship interview with USAA (insurance co.). We were told that we would know in a few weeks whether or not he got the internship. We heard nothing. We called and still heard nothing. So we decided he didn't get it...In the middle of May we got a call early morning from USAA apologizing for some type of a mix up and that they would like Jared to be there in Texas ready to start work on June 1st. Well! Ok then. We were flying out the next day for one week to be in Seattle with Jared's that gave us six days when we got home to be packed, moved, and on our way to Texas. I've never done anything quite like that before. If we couldn't sell our apartment contract asap we were looking at losing a lot of money there, I had a schooling bill come up due to leaving during the semester so we were looking at losing money there too, we had to get our car fixed, go to the Dentist, figure out Dr.'s, insurance, I had to tell the Bishop to find a new R.S president immediately, we had to say goodbye to our friends, family, and home for the last four plus pack and move. We prayed, and we prayed hard those first few days. It's amazing, but everything worked out perfectly. Within a few days we got a call from a family who needed an apartment close to campus immediately. Great! My schooling bill was figured out and we lost no money there, and we fixed our car, and managed to get everything taken care of.

At first Jared and I worried so much about whether or not this was the right decision. He had just received another job offer to stay in Rexburg for another year or so. It would have been so easy to stay. We were comfortable and happy, yet we felt it was something we needed to do. I was very hesitant to call the Bishop and tell him I was leaving within the week and that he needed a new R.S president. I finally called. He said he had felt that it was coming and already knew who would replace me when that time came . When I heard that I knew it was our time to leave and close this chapter of our lives in Rexburg, at BYU-Idaho, just like it was when Jared was released a few months before. I realized again, that the moments in our lives are so carefully planned out and known before they even happen, if we are doing our part. So we said our goodbyes and closed that chapter, so grateful for our time there, leaving with no regrets.

And here we are! We made it. As you can see by Kaylee's red sweaty face, it is hot and humid in San Antonio. My mom came down to help us out and it was wonderful to have her with us for the first almost week. We went down the Riverwalk...Fabulous!! It's a river with a walk on both sides and restaurants all over, weddings going on, pigeon feedings, a theater, all sorts. It's fantastic.

This is us trying to help Kaylee feed the pigeons. She loved it. What an experience she had...even though she sweat like she never has before, along with all of us.

The pictures below are from our trip in Seattle, visiting Jared's family.

(Below): We took a tour of the Seattle underground...interesting history. I was worried about Kaylee because it was down in the ground and pretty dark. Thank goodness Uncle Bryan brought rootbeer candy otherwise we would have been done for. She just kept popping them in and that was that.

One night we ate dinner with the family by the beach. We had fish and chips. Hmmm! Reminded me of England. I loaded the chips with vinegar and it was perfect. That's a big thing in England. The fish and chips are wrapped in newspaper or some other type of white paper, with the smell of salt and vinegar oozing out. Oh so good.

What goodlooking boys!
..and a very happy mom

We celebrated Jared's 27th birthday out there. Mom Cook whipped up a German chocolate cake, my favorite, and we sure enjoyed it together.

That's it for today folks, for those of you who hung in there. If I posted more often my posts wouldn't be so long. I'll write soon and tell of life in San Antonio. Until then, enjoy the dry climate for me...I miss it so!
p.s Jason, I counted 150 eyelashes on my right eye, just so you know

(believe me?)