Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Oh what do you do in the summertime..."

So what do we do here in Texas? We spend a lot of it in doors in the wonderful AC, to be honest because it's so stinkin' hot, but we do get out and do things when we can. So here's a little record of what some of our days consist of.

We swim. Miss Kaylee sure likes it, especially with these little green floaty things. The other day she brought them to me in the house and wanted to wear them, so she walked around inside with her green floaties on.
Miss Kaylee and I love to cook together. Well actually, I love to cook/bake, but Kaylee joins me when I feel like cleaning up a bigger mess. She's getting the hang of it though, the more she does it. She likes to mix it up and then spoon whatever it is into her mouth...butter, butter and eggs, butter and eggs and sugar, whatever. It's all yummy to her.
We love rain and thunderstorms. She wanted outside so I let her go, clothes and all. She was d-r-e-n-c-h-e-d!
Kaylee gets stuck on the bed sometimes. Doesn't know whether to go up or down. I wait it out a bit to see what she'll do. Sometimes she braves letting go and sometimes she holds on for dear life and whimpers until mommy comes to rescue her.
We're in the make-up playing stage...
and the drawing on ourselves phase
So we take lots of baths to keep ourselves clean. Miss Kaylee and I go for a walk every morning, for about an hour, three miles or so. When we come back we are dripping so it's always bath time and shower time.
We explore lots in this house. This still remains her favorite cupboard.
Cookie dough...sugar cookies, lemon cookies, granola, homemade bread, banana muffins, chocolate chip doesn't matter, she loves it all.
We get out and see things, like Dallas to visit Aunt Michelle and Uncle Craig, or Austin to visit one of Jared's old roommates' and his wife.
We have friends over and we eat! Breakfast for dinner is probably the most popular in the Cook house.
Sometimes when we want to brave being outside for a long time we take picnics or visit the park. Then we look like this after a while.
We went to a cute little town called "Fredericksburg." The Texans love Texas, can you tell...
And then we always make time to play with big 'ol Gus. Kaylee loves this dog to bits. I will not ever have a dog...ever, so I hope this is enough for Kaylee. I'm not a dog person, not at all, not even a little bit. I won't do it. Jared wants a dog, I really don't like or care for them, call me a not nice person, I don't care, I don't ever want a pet, but specifically not a dog. But, saying that, I enjoy the way Kaylee loves that dog.

So that's what we do around here.