Monday, September 20, 2010

Home in Idaho's my home, and I love it. Sometimes it makes me really sad that both Jared and I feel that we don't belong here long term. We've always felt that it's not the place where we will raise our family, Utah included. I think it is so beautiful here. People complain about the weather but I love it, snow and all. I love it even more after being in San Antonio. I never knew dry weather could make me so very happy. The first morning we arrived in Utah after our three day drive from Texas I went outside and breathed in the fresh, cool, crisp morning air...and I was happy, really really happy. I guess I'm my daddy's girl. He doesn't care much for hot summer weather and never has, just like me. He always says that September, when Fall begins to approach, is his reward for surviving June, July, and August. I couldn't agree with him more. Kaylee and I have enjoyed wandering around outside each day walking barefoot in the grass. You just don't do that in Texas. The grass hurts your feet. I love this weather! I can't explain why it makes me so happy but it just does.

So, we've been home a month. We are spending this last semester (Jared has one more class) at my Grandma's in Idaho. We couldn't bear the thought of moving all of our stuff into an apartment for four months, to start again in a new student ward, especially since it wouldn't be the one we left after 2 1/2 years, and then to have to pack and move out with a few weeks of having a newborn (due Dec 9th). I am NOT doing that. Some girls don't miss much of a beat after having a baby, but I needed a least a 2-3 week one. I went to church and class really soon after but that was about all I could do. To have to pack everything up would do me we're with my Grandma in her beautiful big home and enjoying it. We're so grateful to her because it's been a big help for us to be here, plus we just love her to bits.
We went to a fall festival this last week. Texas instilled in Kaylee a love of water, any water, so we had some fun

I went with my Grandma and Aunt Debi to the Blackfoot state fair a week or so ago. Kaylee gave lots of kisses to the goats.
On our way home to Idaho we stopped at Mesa Verde. So beautiful! We both said it was the best $21 we spent. We learned about the cliff dwellers, the homes they created, and how they lived among other things. Oh it was incredible.

Kaylee is my little gem. I can't think of anything I enjoy more in being a mom, than watching her learn. It's an incredible thing. If you watch you can see it, the process of their little brains working hard to figure things out, like how to make cow noises, how to point to parts of their body, how to put the laundry in the washer and then move it in the dryer, how to put away their dishes, how to fold their arms for prayer, and how to do so many different things. I sure love Miss Kaylee more than I thought I ever could.
You know what else? I sure love Jared more than I thought I could too. And you know why? Because even though being married isn't all flowers, romance, and dates all the time (like you imagine it from the disney movies as a little girl), it's fun being with my best friend, no matter how exciting or dull the days might be.