Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost there...

Under three weeks and counting.
I can't believe I was smaller than this when Kaylee was born.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Halloween

Here's a record of our spooky, halloween adventures this year. I love halloween, Fall, falling leaves, cool crisp air, orange, pumpkin muffins, the smell of apple cider, wearing jackets and my cinnamon candle burning. Can anything be better? Of course Jared would say that he could think of a lot of things (he's a summer person), but I'm sure eventually he'll come around. I can't complain at all thought because whenever I ask him to grab a jacket and take a walk with me and Kaylee (like I did today), he will always come, even though it is a bit cooler than he'd prefer. I'd take that over flowers anyday!
For halloween we went to my parents in Utah so we could take Kaylee trick-or-treating since there isn't much of that where my Grandma lives. What fun! Of course we had carmel popped corn and watched our families traditional disney halloween movies.

In backwards order, the picture above is the crew that came trick-or-treating with us. See...even college students want to feel the excitement of the holidays. You never grow of it, or some of us don't. There were seven of us out with Kaylee. Some people even gave us candy.

I love my little fairy. Wow, did she enjoy trick-or-treating, even though it was cold and had been raining before hand (which is why we skipped out on putting her white fairy, Sunday dress on underneath). Every door had a "doggie" and she would yell "doggie, doggie" and try to go inside the homes to see them. Once she realized she got candy at the doors she walked more quickly to the next door. I didn't know she could walk so fast. She loved it and we loved watching her enjoy it.

Jason, what a goof, but he had fun with us taking Kaylee around. She actually likes Jason now. She didn't for a while, but now they've been good friends.
(Jared secretly admitted that he's excited to eat her candy since....she won't really be eating it, right?)

Jared had to coach her through the pumpkin gutting process for a bit since she didn't like getting her hands icky. Once she got used to it though, she had no problem.
So with Fall and all that's apart of it, put together with these two people, I just couldn't be any happier.

p.s 5 1/2 weeks left and this baby's outta here. I'm praying for a week early vs. a week late. I'm done...very very done. No more room in there.