Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And another year is here...

Wow, three years! Can hardly believe, but yet I almost don't remember what it was like not to be married. It was Jared's year to plan what we were going to do to celebrate our anniversary. We went out to dinner at Wingers (a favorite of mine), and then he surprised me by taking us to the Hinckley building at BYU-Idaho, where there are couches near big windows that overlook campus. He brought blankets and his laptop and we watched "Counte of Monte Cristo." It was great fun. Jared felt bad that it didn't snow like it was supposed to. Originally he wanted to watch the movie outside (yes, outside in the freezing weather), in this little gazebo thing they have in the gardens on campus. There's an outlet plug inside the gazebo and he brought our electric blanket so we could plug it in, watch the movie, and enjoy the snow falling. Well, no falling snow but lots of wind so we opted for the beautiful view from the warm Hinckley building.

Ashlyn, what a joy! I didn't know I could love her so much. She has such big, beautiful eyes. And what a good little sleeper at night. She'll wake up once around 2-3 am for a quick little milky snack and then that's it. She'll sleep soundly until 7:30-8:00 (just fyi: if you really struggle to get your baby to sleep through the night read "On Becoming Babywise," by Ezzo or something like that. It has made all the difference for me and worked with Kaylee and seems to be working with Ashlyn. READ IT!). Anyway, I'm enjoying the newborn stage all over again, where I can just sit and hold my little baby all I want. And then I'm enjoying Kaylee and the crazy new words she says. She loves deodorant. She takes one of mine to bed and carries it around the house with her. Then she'll say "apit" and raise her arm up so we can put the deodorant on her. She keeps us in laughter around here (and in shape trying to chase her around the house). We love our little girls!

And now our days consist of getting ready to move to San Antonio, Tx. We are leaving Idaho around the end of January. Oh to enjoy the last of my winter days here...so so pretty. I will always think that snow is one of the most beautiful things.