Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's play catch up

Today we went to the park by our house and had breakfast.

A few weekends ago we went downtown San Antonio and saw this beautiful little Japanese Garden.

And then we took a train ride around the park, which Kaylee loved.

She's in heaven.

Hawaii date night at the Cook house. Since we can't go to Hawaii I thought I'd bring Hawaii to us. Aloha!

Hmm....Waikiki meatballs, rice, sweet rolls, and spinach fruit salad followed by almond fruit bread. Oh yum, was that worth the time it took to make it!
We took our friends to visit the Japanese Gardens when they came to stay with us.

Isn't it gorgeous!

Whoa, little crooked neck there.
Happy Birthday Kaylee. Two years old, we just can't believe it. Can you believe what this modern technology allows us to do? We even played a card game with my sister and her husband on skype, them in Rexburg, us in San Antonio. It's amazing we can do this sort of stuff, don't you think.
That is an eight layer cake. Lots of lovin' and time went into this cake for Kaylee.

And another year for our traditional valentines day dinner. We always stay at home and have dinner and invite someone or a couple over to join us. This year our friends we invited weren't able to make it so we had to do it alone.
I love to bake. I love, love, love it. I get this urge to make stuff, lots of stuff, anything good, all the time, on a daily basis. I have a wish list written on my fridge of all these yummy desserts, breads, main dishes, and snacks I can't wait to make. Aren't these big kisses fun! I found this idea on (same blog for the eight layer cake). I do make healthy things, even though there aren't pictures of them, but, let's be honest here, who wants pictures of spinach when you can take a picture of this!