Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yesterday we celebrated Jared's 28th birthday. We decorated, made a cheesecake-cookie-chocolate type cake, went to Olive Garden (his favorite), talked to family, and then opened presents.

At Olive Garden...
Kaylee was less than thrilled, but she did like the "du-raw" (straw).
This is what our days consist of as of late...so far not too bad. She makes it in the potty about twice a day and then twice on the floor. Odds are at 50/50 which...we're working on.

This is how my baby sleeps. It makes me nervous. She won't fall asleep without pulling something over her face. Sometimes I go in her room and she's pulled the bassinet blanket thing even more over her face and pulled another blanket clear on top of herself so that when I go in and check on her I can't see a single part of her body.

My little girls...it's so fun to be a mom of two girls!
Mother's day flowers. It's a shame they won't last forever. In fact, they're almost dead right now.
Kaylee loves to help me clean.
Kaylee is now in a toddler bed, oh and sometimes her crib if she doesn't stay in her bed the first time. The other night I went into her room before I went to sleep and this is what I found:

Making strawberry jam!
We took a boat ride down the San Antonio riverwalk.

and last but not least, bath time after swimming with dad.