Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture Time!

Fall, halloween, leaves, orange, fuzzy socks, sweatshirts around the house, cool weather (oh so happy), witches and ghosts, pumpkin cookies, reading a book with the window open and feeling the breeze come in, "Arsenic and Old Lace" (Cary Grant), taking walks everyday with my girls in the morning, soup and bread, candles...I LOVE this time of year! September through to December never fails to make me come alive in a way that nothing else can. It's the time of year I'm my absolute happiest. Halloween this year topped all halloweens I've had, even considering that I'm in Texas without many crunchy falling leaves. Having Kaylee and Ashlyn made it twice the fun. Parents had always told me it would be like that when I had little kids. I had a hard time believing it was true until I experienced it this year. My parents made holidays so exciting for us. How could it be any better? Well, I learned that life does just get better and better, especially when it's now your turn to make it memorable for your kids.

Decorate the house (done)
Make or buy a new fall craft (done)
Watch "Arsenic and Old Lace" (done)
Make pumpkin chocolate chip bread (did cookies instead)
carve a pumpkin (done)
make pumpkin puree (done)
Visit the bats at Fredericksburg (done)
Fun halloween meal (done)
Take the girls trick-or-treating (done)
traditional disney kid halloween movies as a family (done)
Go on a walk with the family in the evening (done, done, done, done...... yea!)
Make halloween sugar cookies with the girls (done)
carmel popcorn (did carmel apples instead)
Go bobbing for apples (didn't do)
Go to a craft store to see the festive decorations (done)
Read a book with the window open, wrapped up in a blanket (done)
Wear warm socks and a sweatshirt, even if I have to turn the AC down to feel cold
(done, and no I didn't have to turn the AC down, thank you Texas!)
Send Jason a halloween package (done)

Um, peanut butter in the car at the foot of a two year old. Never again.

This was our bat outing. It had been Jared's goal to go see the bats fly out of this cave about half hour away from our home. They fly out in the evening and return around sunrise. He had been so excited to see this. We decided to wait until October (come on, a perfect halloween activity) since it would finally be cool enough to spend time outside. Apparently this was supposed to be a really fascinating thing, to see hundreds of bats shooting out of the cave. Well, we took dinner up, ate it, then waited and waited and waited. We saw one or two bats fly out, that was it. We were disappointed in those bats. BUT, at least we could finally cross it off our "to do" list. And we were still glad we made it out there. It was beautiful.

We visited our families in Utah over labor day.

And there's Kaylee having her first experience on a scooter with her Uncle Brad. She put my mom's lipstick on earlier that day. Oh wow, we could not get that stuff of. never fail to make me happy!